Friday, August 19, 2022

Bull Ride

With hamburger going fast at Lungren Brothers Cattle Company we decided to go looking for a bull. Just in time, Ryan and Anna Huxtable came through with a young red angus whose equipment was broke. Not wanting to waste anytime, Gerry and I saddled up and headed south to Wright.

This was a big day for Ryan. He had been working at the highway department for the past three years and decided to turn in the keys to his snow plow and ranch full-time at home. Go get em, partner.  

So we headed across the prairie in search for ole red. 

Once located, Ryan and his stallion made their presence known.

Thankfully, he didn't put up much of a fight.

Later in the day Gerry and I sent him home to the eternal pastures. 

Being a young guy he'll make some nice burger. 

Bon appetit. 

It's hard to beat fresh cow heart. What a fun day. Ranching full-time sounds pretty good sometimes. But I couldn't live without the priesthood. It's my first love. 

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