Thursday, February 3, 2022

Sale Barn

With all our cows in the cooler, we thought we better start looking for more. We've had good look buying directly from the producer, but I'd like to find a few lighter cows too. So we took a shot at the barn in Buffalo.

If nothing else it was to be a good experience for Gerry. I also was able to run into a buddy from the Big Horn Basin who gave us some sales ring tips.

You can't go to a cattle auction without getting some homemade grub. Shepherd's pie was the special.

Short sale. This can be a pretty dead time of the year for sale barns. Once calving season comes on there'll be more of a market for our heiferettes. 

So we turned around and headed for Hulett to celebrate Mass.

No harm no foul. Just give me an excuse to roll over to Buffalo. Good folks and beautiful countryside. Hmmm, wonder what we can do next...?

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