Saturday, February 5, 2022

Friday Funday

Friday was snowmobile day. After Mass, Rosary, and a Maverick Bonfire burrito, Kurt, Gerry, and I arrived in the Northern Big Horns above Sheridan. A fun time was had by all.

Kevin Geis lent us one extra sled and with Kurt's snowbike and my RMK we were ready to rock.

Why not us the Paddy Wagon for hauling sleds. Thankfully they have reverse these days.

Beautiful view off the western side.

Nothing like a midday hotdog. 

Gerry rode steady all day on one of the snowmobiles. But when he switched to Kurt's snowbike, it was like a homecoming. 

Here's some rides:

Fr. Bryce




This was about as good of snowmobiling day as you could ask for. The snow was light, but we found some good pockets, no one broke down, no one got stuck and we all had fun. Chauk it up as another American experience for our boy. 

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