Friday, January 21, 2022

The Boys are Back in Town

Our buddy Gerry (Gerardo Maristany Marques) from Spain came to Gillette to give Kurt and I a visit. Campbell County is his first taste of the United States, so we thought we'd give him a real Wyoming welcome.

Doug and Suzi Carr had this three year old steer that they were tired of feeding, so they most generously gave it to Fr. Bryce and his cattle company. Much appreciated. 

No more contraption, we're right up town now. I was very pleased with how our lift bed worked with the cows. Didn't grunt at all, but it did lift off the ground the front wheels of White Horse at one point. 

Looking good ol' son. Way to jump in with both hands. 

Cow heart for dinner.

It's great having Gerry around to hang with. It's been so fun seeing the surprise in his eyes as he experiences all the things that make America land of the free and home of the brave. He'll be here for three weeks. I think we'll mange to find a thing or two to do. Stay tuned. 

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