Sunday, December 5, 2021

Winter Wonderland

Dad was saying yesterday how much he was able to get done outside. I told him I hope we get some moisture soon. Careful what you ask for.

The roads were pretty clear when I left Gillette at 6:00 this morning heading for Hulett. But about 10 miles outside of Moorcroft it turned it on. I like a good challenge, but visibility for a while there was pretty tough. It really drove home John the Baptist Sunday with a light shining in the darkness. 

On my way to celebrate Mass in Wright this afternoon, I swung by to feed all the critters. With good hay and a winter coat the horses will be fine. 

Cows are even tougher. With that black hide and the amount of fat they have under it, I've never seen weather so cold they couldn't handle. Like the horses, they have access to feed 24/7. 

What these pictures don't show is the wind. Every snow storm I've seen in CC comes in sideways. It was a full on ground blizzard heading south.

The smell of LB beef in the roaster was sure welcoming when we were able to finally call it a day.

I love it. I hardly need an excuse to go frolic in the snow anyway. But to feed the People of God and the horses and cows He's entrusted me with... Just try to stop me.  

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