Friday, September 3, 2021

Hay Maker

Dad was starting to cut third cutting, so I knew if I wanted some hay I better hurry home. Harvesting is heavy around Worland. It's a beautiful time of year all the way around.

Sunrise off our deck never gets old.

It's amazing how many friends you have until you go to stack hay. Ole reliable pitched in while Mom drove the truck.

I think Our Blessed Mother likes to see men pulling their weight. 

Fortunately, Hank showed up to help me unload it back at the CC ranch.

There she be. Might as well be gold bars this year. I tucked her away to help others avoid the near occasion of sin.

Just for the record, I did cut Dad a check. Whether he cashes it or not is up to him. You put up nice hay Dad. Keep up the Good work.

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