Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Hot Shoe

Mollie needed shod and I thought a professional job out the gate would suit her best. So I called around asking who guys recommended and they all gave me the same name, Voy Cox.

A native of Moorcroft, Voy is a veteran at shoeing, in particular hot shoeing.

Hot shoeing is more than warming up the shoe in order to shape it. It's main purpose is to mate the shoe to the hoof.

Once the hoof is trimmed and rasped, the hot shoe is seared to the hoof making a custom fit. At the same time the heat creates a callus around the inner sole of the hoof, which would be tender after trimming otherwise.

After that, it's pretty much business as usual: 4 nails to a side, clinch, and a final file.

Looking good Mom. Thanks Voy.

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