Saturday, July 24, 2021

Wyoming Catholic Priest

July 23rd marked the one year anniversary of Fr. Carl Beavers' death. To commemorate the day, we set him a Wyoming Catholic Priest head stone. 

Once we discovered how long it takes to get a traditional grave stone cut, we started to think outside the box.

Greg Hampson and I took on the challenge. Why don't we just build him something, we thought.

The only thing I know how to work with is 2 7/8", while Greg turned to some railroad plate for the plaque.

Father's sister Jeanette and her son Matt came for the anniversary. While there they asked if I knew how to have Mass intentions said that Fr. Beavers was unable to fulfill. Just wanting to help out I said I would take care of them. Little did I know the impact that would have on me. Being his successor is big shoes to fill. 

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