Thursday, July 1, 2021

Cowboy Ride

Cowboys aren't born, they're discovered. And the best way to find our inner cowboy is on horseback. Wednesday, Lee and I ran up to Hulett to check on the herd. Honestly, I can't think of a more natural way to encounter the beauty of God and His providential care for us than working with land and critters.

We rounded up the 50+ herd of replacement heifers along with our 8 and pushed them to the north 40.

Of corse we found a crippled bull. I'm so glad I only run yearlings. 

No ride is complete without fording the Belle Fourche.

When you run on the Raney place you always eat well. Might be on the exotic side, but always delicious. 

Enjoy those crab legs Ol' Son.

Always wear your hat Lee. You've earned it. Whether it's pushing cows or not, you're discovering the inner freedom of the Catholic Cowboy Way. It's in all of us. We're son's before we're fathers. We're daughters before we're mothers. God bless America!

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