Sunday, May 30, 2021

Mill Iron C

One thing I love about ranching is that everybody's operation is tailored for their particular needs and situations. No two ranches look alike. Ernie and I were blessed to experience yet another well oiled machine on Don Kinstetter's place north of Moorcroft.

The night before, they gather the 300 pairs in preparation for the day break branding.

Once the calves are separated they are run down the alleyway...

through the tub...

into the hands of the Johnson brothers...

then Anthony pushes them onto the calf table...

where they are flipped, vaccinated, branded, and castrated if need be.

Even though we walked through 300 head in about 4 hrs, Ernie still felt the need to tell Greg how they used to do it in North Dakota. 

It's an honor when you get asked to put on another man's brand.

Ranchin ain't just for cowboys. Cowgirls are welcome too. 

And then the feast... Don Kinstetter does all things well. That is except for his meat - a cool 130 degrees. Not well done partner.

Another day of fun on the Wyoming prairies. One thing that kept this fire stoked was job rotation. Everybody milled around and no one got over worked. That being said, I still feel I earned my dinner as well as the siesta that followed. On to the next one...

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