Saturday, March 6, 2021

Round Two

Kurt and I had some redeeming to do so back up to the Big Horns we went. The snow had settled, but not the score. Dad and I had found the weak link in my sled last weekend. The aftermarket quick-drive belt was just a problem. So back to stock we went. We stayed the night at the cabin, and after celebrating Mass and soft boiling some eggs, we were off and running.

There was no problem starting the sleds as the spring sun had the snow melting even before we hit the trail.

Battle Park was our area of choice. The sticky snow made it pretty easy to go. 

Kurt shredding some white sand


I came out unscathed, but not so for Kurt. After 40+ hours on his bike this season, his drive chain finally gave out as he kissed a rock.

Getting him up out of the creek was interesting. But after we figured it out, the ride home was a walk in the park.

Well, success! To celebrate Kandis and Jim Ford treated me to some fish, raw fish! Jim coached me through my first go with sushi. Not bad ol' son, but I'm looking forward to Easter. 

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