Monday, January 4, 2021

Showdown at the - d Corral

Flocchini had been talking smack about my grass fattened beef, so it was time to throw down: Texas Wagyu vs. Wyoming grass fattened. 

So we gathered the boys for judging: Kelly Hand and Seth Hostetler
John and I provided the meat while Kelly and Seth brought the bs.

John's outfit sells Wagyu beef as well as their Bison 

We, on the other hand, stick to the bovine 

Wagyu on top and WGF below 

Our beef is a solid 1 1/4" thick while John's is 1"
Wagyu's fat has the consistency of butter and melts quick on the grill

I think John gave special attention to the cross hatching on his beef

To play it safe, we blind folded the boys

The criteria was simple: Taste, Tender, & Texture 

Well I don't mind admitting defeat. John has a good steak. Well done ol' son. At least I got one plug for tenderness. Thanks Seth. 

Let the fun begin. So we threw the rest of the meat on grill. John likes to cook on high.

Wagyu, Bison, WGF

A good time had by all. Thanks boys for a fun evening on the feast of the Epiphany. Praised be Jesus Christ. 


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