Saturday, January 16, 2021

On the Road Again

Dave and I had been sitting on this second reefer trailer waiting to find its proper home. That problem was solved when my cousin Riley Olson said it would fit nicely into his operation. So we jumped in Jack's truck and hit the road to Stockton Missouri to the Agapé Ranch.

The first day was long, 976 miles, but Dave was a faithful navigator

Riley and his boys are going to turn her into a meat locker similar to ours

Riley was called from Wyoming to Missouri to start a ranch program at a Christian high school for troubled boys. He showed up with a couple horses about 10 years ago and the rest is history. 

He's been blessed with a keen knowledge of horses and how man and them relate. Through the grace of God he has been able to take that understanding a step further and illustrate how man and God relate. In both cases when the two work together, respecting the authority of the other, the ride is beautiful. But it takes work to get there. Riley assigns the teenage boys who commit to the program a two year old colt and they spend the next several months starting and training the horses to get over their fears, while in turn the boys are aided in getting over theirs. Riley's program is off the charts successful. For more information check out:

Riley and I have been ranching for years. He got the horse skills, but I got the good looks.

I'm proud of you ol' son. Keep up the Good work. The world needs more cowboys like Riley Olson. 

Dave and I then blew out and headed west to visit my ol buddy Fr. Jacob Schneider in Garden City Kansas. This faithful servant of Christ keeps the Fire stoked while keeping his boots rooted in the rich Kansas dirt. I thought Matt Dillion was a man of the past, not so. Stand proud and shoot straight partner. The Church needs more heroes like you.

To top our journey off, Dave and I then swung by Denver to visit my alma mater, St. John Vianney Theological Seminary 

I spent four hard years in this beautiful house of God. Our blessed Mother saw me through to the priesthood. Thanks Mother Mary.

My good friend and classmate Fr. Matt Magee gave us a warm welcome. What a treat to concelebrate Mass with him.

Fr. Matt does all things well. There's no steak too big for him to handle. You are the salt of the earth brother, keep shining that light of Christ within you. 

When Cardinal Stafford and Archbishop Aquila heard that Dave was coming to town they threw a feast. What a treat to share a good meal and holy conversation with such faithful Christian men. 

Mission accomplished. Feeding America doesn't stop in Wyoming, but it does start there. I look back on the fruit of our pilgrimage and am at awe of the quality of men the Lord has put into my life. A man can change the world. And I believe during this year of St. Joseph God will through them. Thanks boys for inspiring me to up my game. We're on to the next one. Spring is in the air...


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