Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Just Another Day in Paradise

One of the perks of the priesthood is pastoral visits. Those are all the more exciting when they lead you into the mountains. This time it was northeast of Hulett in Black Hills. So like any Wyoming Catholic Cowboy priest would do, I flew in.

Dad and I went halves on a drone. It's the coolest piece of technology I've ever seen.

Sue and John Raney are getting this place set up piece by piece. Currently they are living in the shouse on the right and the foundation for the new home is on the left.

The pics from this drone are outstanding

After the big ranch tour we settled down for some LB steak and Bush's beans

Being cajans, they treated this ol cowboy with some southern hospitality 

Beef, crab legs, beans still in the can, and shop towels for napkins, now this is my kind of feast. 

Thanks Sue and John for sharing with me some of the gifts God has given you. 

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