Wednesday, November 4, 2020

God Bless America

Nothing brings me hope like a Wyoming sun rise. I ran back home to Worland yesterday to vote and visit the folks. The Big Horn Basin gives me life. My roots run deep here. I know that our land is founded on goodness, truth, and beauty and today I am full of hope that those virtues will prevail! 

This is taken from the bench that resides on our family cemetery in honor of my grandma and grandpa Schmeltzer. Saints of God, pray for us!

If you want to see an image of my father on wheels, just look at his 4010. Dad's dad bought this tractor new in the early 60's. Dad eventually inherited it after she'd run no more. But being an old JD hand, Dad got her back up and going and she is now a mainstay on the farm. The 4010 revolutionized John Deere's fleet. They embody American ingenuity and integrity. Ready to work and can stand the test of time.

There's more than one way to skin a cat. My cow's need hay and you can't beat homegrown alfalfa off of the ole homestead. Thanks Uncle Chris. 

This is the original site of my great-great-grandfather Neiber's homestead and stage stop. My Uncle Phil and Aunt Rhonda Schmeltzer live there now. Mom and Dad live on the hill in the back ground.

I couldn't help but top off my load.

This shrine sits on our home place over looking US Hwy 20 and WY Hwys 431 and 432. We call her Our Lady of the Intersection. We are at an intersection today. Will America turn left or right. Now's the time to step it up boys. Let's help her turn right. Let's storm Heaven. This moment we are in right now is an act of God's Mercy. He will help us if we turn to Him. Truth, goodness, and beauty will prevail if we want them to. It's time to cowboy up. America need's our prayers. The surest way to Jesus and His Mercy is through Mary our mother. Pull out those Rosary beads and lets get to work!

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