Saturday, October 3, 2020

Harvest Time

Well it's time to get this party started. If we want to get 11 cows butchered by Christmas we have to start now. Ole 24 was the first volunteer. She came out of my Uncle Vance's herd in Worland. The lazy 6 over 6 is our old family brand. She's been on grass in the Black Hills for two months. Sister, thank you for sacrificing your life to feed the world. May your reward be great in Heaven. 

Probably weighing in at 1350lbs. She is/was a 2 1/2 year old open heifer 

The great white hunt. Some people say you can't knock a cow down with a 22. I disagree. You just have to take the safety off.

If you don't see the video, click on this link

Dad and I weren't tough enough to gut her by hand. Thank God for mechanical muscle. 

I love cattle.

Of course, I couldn't have done this without my trusty sidekick. I'm sure the next ten will go even more smoother.

Hey Fr. Bryce, what you gonna do with all that meat? Don't you have a day job? 

To the latter, yes. This enhances it. To the former, It's for all to enjoy. Wyoming just made an amendment to the Food Freedom Act, which now allows a producer to cut and distribute his own beef for a profit. To do so you have to become one of the Brothers. Interested in joining the Lungren Brothers Cattle Company enterprise? Let me know.

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