Saturday, September 26, 2020

On the Road Again

Dad and I were getting kind of bored so we called up Jack Kuhbacher to see if we could borrow his truck. There was a reefer up in Great Falls MT that we needed to bring home to add to our Cattle Company collection. Being the good Wyoming Catholic Cowboy he is, Jack threw us the keys and gave us his blessing. Thanks partner, may your reward be great in Heaven.

Jack and I after he gave me a run through of the shifting pattern on Black Bart

Dad and I arrived in Great Falls Thursday afternoon with enough time to put this reefer trailer together and hook her up. The hard part was over, now we just had to cruse on home.

We stayed with my ole buddy Tony Rausch. Here we stand in front of his Catholic radio station tower. We spent many a Saturday mornings working on it together.

After a pitstop in Billings, Dad was reenergized enough to copilot us on the final leg on the journey.

Mission accomplished. The double compressor electric reefer trailer is now resting in Gillette looking for someone to turn it into a cooler/cutting room/freezer combination. Know of anybody?

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