Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Missionary Priest in North East Wyoming

It was the first Wednesday of the month so I jumped Chief in and headed for Hulett. The cows are content but we'll have to move them to the next pasture soon. As for the real flock, they're good. Even got a couple hitched today.

Cattle have to be the most efficient creature God made. They just sit around chewing and re-chewing their food until it's the most digestible that it can be. Unlike a horse...

The new girls and the old girls have mingled well

This is big Bertha. 1600# of pure steak. I'd like to butcher her first but think I better cut my teeth on one more manageable.

Watched the Red Devils sweat it out. Practice hard boys! I'd rather ride a horse.

Got ole White Horse back the other day. New tranny is smooth. Chief is just chillin at the library.

It was a super big treat for me to witness the marriage of this fine young couple. Many years of happiness to you Jim and Sharon. 

After all that hard work I stopped off at the Devil's Tower Gulch to pay my respects. God bless the rancher and the farmer and the Coors Brewing Company. 

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