Saturday, September 12, 2020

Home Sweet Home

On Friday, Sally Craig, whose late husband Dave and I were old rodeo buddies, invited me down to the family ranch near Douglas to roundup with her brother Joe and company. Not wanting to turn down a good time, Chief and I hit the trail.


Sally and Joe's parents, J.S. and Alyce Rankin, bought this ranch in 1946 and it has stayed in the family ever since.

When we saddled up at daybreak it was raining pretty good. Thought we were in for it, but the good Lord spared us. The moisture was sure a welcome site though.

As you can see, oil and gas production has blessed many local ranchers. Joe has a pretty savvy way of working with the energy producers as well as maintaining the integrity of the ranch land. His wife Karen and him keep the Wyoming legacy alive.  

It wasn't the warmest day. But Sally was prepared for whatever elements came her way.

This was a new part of the State for me. Northeast of Douglas

The ole girls were open to the prospects of going home. They still needed a prod or two here and there though.

Joe likes to keep it as western as possible. There's a place for four wheelers, but horseback keeps things calm and cool.

Gus McCrae would be proud

Coffee break along the way

It was about a twelve mile drive to the home place. That was plenty for daughter-in-law Nikki, Joe, Sally, and I. Our horses were just as glad so see the home fires burning.

But nobody was as happy to be home as Sally.

I love opportunities to hang with salt of the earth folks. Sally has a specially way of sharing her gifts with others. I've certainly been blessed by her generosity as well as have so many others. But the secret to her success is no secret, it is the fire of her Catholic faith.

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