Wednesday, August 12, 2020

What a Beautiful Ride

Today started with a trip to the ole dentist. Dr. Holly Schamber, a lady Wyoming Catholic Cowboy, took good care of me. Yes it was a cavity, but it wasn't my fault. Well, maybe it was. But nevertheless, she did a good job. She had big shoes to fill cause Mom was my only dental hygienist up until this year. You are a pretty graceful dentist Doc, keep wearing your hat. In the afternoon I headed out to ride herd on Moorcroft.

Turns out I was the assistance's first request to have their picture taken while getting drilled on.

My first stop in Moorcroft was at the Williams's place. Chase and Katie, who is a second cousin of mine, had a little baby not long ago so we talked baptism. Chase showed me his shop. Kickass.

And his tack room

You can never have too many bits 

After Mass with some of the folks: Ol' Son, Joe, Trish, Martha, & Richard

Ride for the brand
Click on web version below if can't view

Final stop was to the Kinstetter's for dinner. Don showed me his latest project. Nice work partner. Keep that sawdust flying.

We concluded with some Wyoming meat and potatoes. Janet, Paul, Don, and some home grown beef.

It's so good to mingle with the folks outside of Sunday Mass. You learn a lot about daily life and the broader culture. Life on the ranch ain't always beautiful, but what a beautiful ride. 

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