Thursday, July 30, 2020

You Ain't No Cowboy

Well we bucked, and got bucked off. This time I was on for a good 6, well most of it was barely hanging on. Maybe someone got a video, but this is what went down from my perspective. I nodded my head, they pulled the gate, this ole buckskin comes flying out and and just about dumps me over the front. I find a seat, then blow out my left swell and stirrup. I'm off to the right but still in the game, so I ride him out till my left hand gives out and I hit the dirt. Again, I make the long walk of humility back to my hat in front of the home town crowd. The worst part about it is that now everyone knows I'm bald. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Fr. Bryce, relieved that he survived his last ride. Chris Ledoux says, "when you ride your last one, make sure he's the best one. Jump while he's moving. Tip your hat boys, and walk away." Special thanks to all my fans. On to the next one....

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