Monday, July 20, 2020

Ride for the Brand

One can't go into the cattle business without a trade mark. Wyoming brands have always captivated my interest. All us boys have one. My brother registered mine for me back in 05. I've never used it, but now the time has come. Its cattle company time.

So I turned to my faithful ole buddy Ernie Blohm. He usually shakes his head at me, but is always willing to lend a hand. It always comes with a little advice though. Thanks Ernie. Your are truly a wise man.

L hanging B is cool but I haven't gotten into using it much because it has my initials reversed. However, I think it will serve our cattle endeavor well.  How about "Lungren Brothers Cattle Company"? Now that has a nice ring. Lungren Brothers was the company name of my granddad's farm growing up.  How does that fit our operation today? I don't know.... my two older brothers Matt and Luke are my biggest fans. My cousins are who I'm buying the cattle from. My dad and uncles have always been my heroes. Like it or not, everything I do is a family affair. Now its time to trade mark it. 7/20/20, Lungren Brothers Cattle Company is born. 

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  1. Congratulations! Guess you'll have to get your branding crew back together?


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