Monday, July 27, 2020

Cattle Company Day

The day finally arrived - Cattle Company day. Super punchers can't fly alone so I called my right-hand man Seth. Off to Worland we ran in White Horse and a fancy Featherlite trailer that ole Ernie Blohm finally let me borrow. Couldn't have asked for a funner couple of days.

Seth and I and his 10gal hat. Looking good ol' son. Always wear your hat Seth.

Here's the Lungren Brothers: Luke my brother, his boys Carter and Kendrick, ol' son, and Dad

You can get a lot of the world's problems solved around a branding fire.  Here's Uncle Vance, who raised the cattle, and Dad and I.  Dad and Uncle Vance have worked many a cows in this corral.

We own them now. My cousin Vannie ran the chute as I branded the first Lungren Brothers Cattle Company livestock.

That'll leave a mark

Six open heifers is what we purchased. Weighed in about 1200 lbs. Good looking bovine.

They are plumb happy along Wyo Hwy 24 in the Black Hills outside of Hulett. The motorcycles and Corvettes like seeing them too. It's gonna be fun watching them put on a little weight. My game plan... fatten them, slaughter them, cut em up and sell the beef. Anyone interested?

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