Monday, July 8, 2024

Pivot Break Down

Seems like every time I come home, the pivot sprinkler breaks down. This time it shut off from being out of alignment. Dad had a hunch that it was a driveline problem. Sure enough. 

With the barley ripening, a guy wants to keep the water on it. 

So we ventured out, tools in hand. 

The barley really looks good this year around the basin. 

Coors malt barley is a signature two row barley called Moravian. 

These knuckles act like a u-joint and are no stranger to going out. 

With all the water running on them, it's usually easier to just brake the bolts rather than mess with a socket and ratchet. 

The other end was pretty worn too. So changed it as well. 

But the square shaft was no longer square. 

So we put a bolt down the middle to really receive the torque. 

Then back out we went. 

Bolted right up. 

Back in business. 

Beings the pivot was out of alignment, we just reversed it until it came back in line. Then kicked it forward to finish the job. 

Giddy up. 

The barley is not far from ripe. On the edges of the field it always matures sooner because it doesn't get as much water. When malt barley starts to bend over, it's ready to harvest. 

July is a pretty hard irrigation month around the Big Horn Basin. One last time on the barley, the alfalfa will take all you can give it, corn enjoys a drink, and sugar beets like wet soil and hot air to build their beet. Pivot sprinklers have revolutionized farming around here. But it comes with the price of maintenance. Like Grandpa always said, anything mechanical is going to break down. Guess it wouldn't be much fun if it didn't. That’s farming. 

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  1. Nothing better than a father and his son working together.


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