Sunday, June 23, 2024

Touchdown Sunday

For the past couple of months I have been focused on landing the plane of my time in Campbell and Crook Counties. It's been going good and this weekend was our official touchdown in the missions. 

We started by celebrating a Saturday evening Mass at St. Matthew's in Hulet in addition to our regular 7:30am Mass. 

We had a good turnout of the faithful. 

Followed by a little picnic. Fun time. 

For a sending off, they gave me a new hoodie. Indeed, the world needs more cowboys, and so does the Church!

Next stop was St. Patricks in Moorcroft. 

Again, a good contingent of the faithful. 

After which, we had a pot luck. Lungren Brothers provided the brisket and Don Kinstetter smoked it. 

No one went away hungry. 

Cool cake in honor of our Blessed Mother... can't beat it. 

After a small break to recoup in the afternoon, we headed down to Blessed Sacrament in Wright. 

Beautiful People of God. 

After Mass, Johnny cooked us up some Buffalo Burgers. 

Which we all enjoyed. 

For a farewell they all signed the back of a sheepskin. Cool. 

I've been thankful for these past few months to really process some of the fruit of my five years of ministry in the northeast corner of Wyoming. So much to be grateful for. But beyond all the good external signs of God's grace at work, I'm most thankful for the relationships I have formed. The beauty of these friendships is that they don't end when either party is missing. Good relationships transcend time and space. This is what it means to be part of the Body of Christ. The entire Church remains in Communion with each other, even if we are absent or present, dead or alive. I'll miss the good folks along my mission circuit. But your memory in my heart will be forever present. 

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