Sunday, May 5, 2024

Go West Young Man

Springtime in the priesthood is always a bit uncertain. Depending on your rank, you may or may not be asked by the bishop to pull up your stakes and head to a new assignment. Usually guys in my position as associate pastor have a two year stint. I've had three bonus years on top of that here at St. Matthew's in Gillette and surrounding missions. It's been a great run, but Bishop has said that it's time to go. 

If you'd asked me where I'd like to go in my next assignment as a priest, I would have said Buffalo. Northern Wyoming is a land I'm familiar with and Johnson County is a people I'm sure I can relate to. I'm thankful to Bishop Steven for this new assignment and I'm looking forward to meeting the People of God at St. John the Baptist parish and adjoining missions starting in July. But until then, let the farewell tour around Gillette begin! This has been a great ride. With five years in Campbell and Crook Counties, there are many stories to revisit and people to reminisce with. I thank God for my time here. I came in a newbie and am leaving a parish priest. Let's ranch. 

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  1. Well it has been a pleasure having you in Gillette. You showed us that priests are just regular people; but with a different calling then most of us. We have enjoyed your blog and hope you are able to keep posting on this site. We were truely Blessed to have you here for 5 years.
    God Bless you in your new assignment.
    Jerry & Helen Granquist


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