Friday, March 15, 2024

Burnt Hollow

Dave and I wanted to go for a little day ride, but there's not a lot of public land around Gillette to choose from. North of town I know of two areas, Weston and Burnt Hollow. Weston is mainly for motor sports, though there are plenty of trails to choose from. Burnt Hollow is a good area, but you've just got to find your way. Perfect for a couple of horseback explorers. 

Dave and Chief wasted no time in getting acquainted. 

Burnt Hollow is about 15 miles north of Gillette on Hwy 59. There are two hike/ride in entrances. The south one I had been on, so we entered through the north gate. 

Kind of no man's land out here. Beautiful though. Early spring can be the most desolate time of year. 

People were once here though. Public ground like this is still leased out to ranchers to graze cattle or sheep on. 

A little worse for wear. No doubt it was essential in its day. Watering livestock in this kind of country is the biggest challenge. 

There's creek beds all over. Not that they ever ran water continuously. But during a good ole Campbell County thunderstorm, the fishing is probably pretty good. 

No problem for Dave and Chief. 

You can see a long ways from some of these peaks. 

Great spring exercise for the horses. 

Jim Craig

Gnarly old trees too. 

This is probably the main water source around here. Reservoirs work well with run off. But with an open winter... we'll have to see. 

Back to the ranch. 

Fun time. Interesting country. Good company. Can't ask for more. This was time well wasted. Sometimes it's ok to be unproductive. Grandpa always said to make sure to stop and smell the roses. No better way to do that than on horseback. Rides like this sure make you appreciate public ground. I'm not an anti-private land guy by any means. Personal ownership can bring out the best in mankind and in creation. Not everyone is able own land though. So thanks be to God for public spaces. Man needs room to roam. It's good for the soul. Whether you live downtown or down the road, get out and blow the stink off. Your wife will thank you for it. 

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