Saturday, November 25, 2023

Ranch Improvements

With our new corrals being thrust into action sooner than we expected, we had to improvise a bit. Food and water are the basic necessities. We were able to put a tank heater in our water trough, but the feeding situation needed some attention.

Ranch hard. Be happy. 

The beauty of feeding round bales is that one bale will last us a month or two. That is, if you have the right feeder. Coming from farmer roots, I wasn't interested in buying a new one. So we called Uncle Chris who had an old bent up one on his north 40.

Definitely needs some work. But nothing a mig welder can't handle. 

It was easier to just cut that bend out of there rather than try straightening it. 

We just welded it solid, rather than pinning the three different sections. No sense in horsing around. 

The tin all around the base need some attention as well. Tack by tack, we had it all back in shape. 

Many of these old style feeders have one flaw. At different points the top angle comes to bottle neck. Once in a blue moon a cow will raise her head, get it stuck in this neck catch, and run off with your feeder. 

So, to avoid the near occasion of sin, we welded a piece of rebar to keep her from getting into the trap. 

Better than it once was. 

I'm all about working smarter not harder. One thing we didn't plan for on our catch pen was an access door. Climbing over this bad boy every once in a while isn't bad. But for regular checking on a pair, something needed to be done. 

So we set another post. and welded it to the top rail. 

Then built some hinges and cut the middle of the fence out. Works good. Just gotta duck. 

Everybody's happy.

These kids are going to call this home for a while; might as well make it accommodating. More than that, though, I wanted to keep my ranch hand, Dad, happy. I can't afford to loose him. With old man winter moving in, I think we're ready for whatever comes our way. Giddy up!

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