Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Birthday Buddies

Once a month at our weekly staff meetings we honor each other's birthday by bringing in a treat. Beings William and I both share November birthdays, it was our turn.  

Today, Nov. 8th is William's birthday. Mine is the 25th.

I didn't know what to bring in honor of William. However, as I left the house yesterday and passed by some nice oatmeal cookies that someone had made us, a light bulb came on. I'd decorate them with something that William enjoys. 

So I picked up some decorating spread at Smiths and headed to the school kitchen. 

Having an affinity for Bigfoot, I drew a Sasquatch on the cookies for him. 

Not bad for an amateur. As long as you make a figure's arms abnormally long, it can be taken as Bigfoot. 

William had an advantage over me, he has a wife. Cassidy had the grand idea of making cowboy hat cupcakes. Simple chocolate cupcake, white frosting, and a Pringle chip with a Rolo candy all dipped in chocolate did the trick. 

They tasted even better than they looked!

Well played. There's something in human nature that likes to celebrate when babies hit the ground. We do it every year for Jesus and we do it annually for ourselves. As much as anything, I think it's an opportunity for us to thank God for the gift of each other. Happy Birthday William!

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