Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Start to Finish

With the cows all fattened up from summer grass, it's fun look back on where they started from. I bet on average these critters put on 400lbs over the four months we grazed them.

We started with two cows from the Etchemendy Ranch northeast of Douglas WY.

Mid summer, 59 was growing real nice. 

One thing noticeable about this cow, other than the weight she put on, is how tall she got. 

We also got two heiferettes from the Isenberger Ranch south of Wright WY. This girl had a good start in life. 

Over the summer she put on some good weight, but she also just slicked up real nice.

This Charolais cross was the funnest to watch grow. She came off the HooDoo Ranch north of Cody WY. 

The green grass of the Black Hills really helped her grow up. 

Four months later, she's fat!

Good stuff. It's been fun to watch these girls. As 2 year old heifers, they are still on the natural grow. All we have to do is put them on good grass and stand back. I'm sold. Grass fattening heiferettes is ranching's best kept secret. God willing, and the cattle prices don't rise, we'll be able to continue this endeavor well into the future. 

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