Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Ranchin with a Cause

Having a couple days off after Labor Day, I ran home to get some fall work done. The project at hand was to bury some electrical line in the barn yard. Mission accomplished. 

Safety first around this ranch. After a 1/2" of rain, the digging conditions were perfect. 

This back shed has been fed with overhead power from the barn. We basically just wanted to start fresh with burying it. 

A little grease goes a long ways. 

Once lubed up, we got to digging. 3' deep was our basic depth. 

Once dug, there's always a little shovel work to do.

Then Dad came down with some 8 gage reda cable for our main source of power. 

We just drilled a hole in the logs of the barn and ran it to the breaker box. 

We added a couple 110 wires to power the water tank heater and a couple other spots. 

Here's an old oil field trick: bury some tape well above the cable so that if you're digging at a later date and hit yellow tape, you better stop. 

Then we unhooked the backhoe. 

And really got to back filling. 

It cleaned up pretty well with the blade. 

Then we made several passes over it with the tracks just to pack it in. 

Then we cut down the old poles with a chain saw and pulled the stumps out with the 4010. 

Muy bien. 

Sure looks cleaner. I know we won't regret going to this work. The electrical will be better, once we get it wired back in. And it will also give us more gate room in an already tight location. If you put your mind to it, you can get a lot done in a little time. On to the next one. 

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