Saturday, September 16, 2023

Huck and Pray

I'll all about combining recreation with a good cause. Such was the case with William's second annual disc golf tournament to help raise money for faith formation here at St. Matthews. 

The Camplex in Gillette has a beautiful disc golf course. Last time I played this sport was PE class in high school. 

William's not afraid to think outside of the box. Why not take something you already like to do and use it for the greater glory of God and the building up of His Kingdom? I'm down. 

Just like in golf, disc golf courses are laid out according to distance and terrain. All the holes on this course are par 3. 

Teeing off is key. Here, Jason gives us a lesson in proper driving form. 

Plenty of trees around here. All you have do is keep your foot on the place where the disc last landed. Here, Brandon drains a putt from a peculiar place. 

One technique, if you have a lot of obstacles in your way, is to land the disc vertically on the ground and let it run upon the grass. 

I pretty much implored the old cowboy way of just throwing it as hard as you can. 

Cassidy used a little more finesse. Once you're at the hole, all you have to do is sink the disc in basket below the chains. 

After 18 holes, we all arrived back for some Lungren Brothers hamburgers. 

Then William and Jason handed out awards. 

Somehow, yours truly came out on top of the beginners category. 

Just send it!

Sweetness. This morning's activity was right up my alley. Maybe not disc golf in itself. But taking something you naturally love and using it to proclaim the Gospel, that I can get behind. Well done, William. Keep on ranching in a free world, brother. 


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