Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Bob the Builder

Bob Olson has built over 200 log homes in his day. Each one is unique and has the imprint of a man who's love for God and love for building go hand in hand. I've had the joy of knowing Bob over the past four years and today he gave me a grand tour around his job sites. 

Bob has the character of a log home: rugged, genuine, unique, and unrepeatable. Here he stands in front of one of his favorite, recent creations. 

Bob is a hard guy to keep up with. He's always one step ahead of the game. And with several houses under construction at the same time, he's got to be. 

Bob has built all the homes on Hulett's private golf course. And with his quality construction, he's the owners’ contractor of choice. 

Currently he has five guys working for him. Their jobs stem from remodeling to new construction. 

Most of the homes they build are full-log construction. However they do build some stick frame houses with log siding. 

They are start to finish contractors. Here they've laid out the composite rock siding that will skirt the base of this new home.

The views from this hilltop are outstanding. Devil's Tower is visible from about every deck they build.

Most of the logs they get have a swedish cope to them so they set right down on top of the bottom one, creating a good seal. The logs are not part of a kit. Bob is a dealer for these logs that come out of Idaho. Each one they tailor cut to fit their needs. 

The entryway of a home says it all. Here you can see the attention to detail that goes into fitting each log. They also save these decorative logs to give the home added character. 

Well done, Bob. You've helped bring a lot of joy to people's lives.

Bob and I are cut from the same cloth. Neither of us are content unless our fire is full of irons. The more projects we have going, the more efficient we are at our work. Bob is an artist. From his architectural designing to the construction of his creation, Bob glorifies God with his life. Keep up the Good work, brother. The world could use a few more men like Bob Olson. 


  1. Bob is not Only a Super Talented

  2. I will never be able to say enough wonderful things about Bob and my beautiful home he built. He absolutely went above and beyond for me!


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