Sunday, June 25, 2023

Out and About

You have to take advantage of the summers in Wyoming because they don't last long. Today the clouds parted and it was so beautiful that I had to get out and about. Soon the temps will be hot enough that we'll be looking for shade. So, with a break in between my morning and evening Masses, I grabbed the horses and headed for John's ranch north of Wright. 

There's a cool ridge line that parallels Hwy 59 that I wanted to check out.

Crazy little rock formations up there. 

My trusty steed Mollie took me everywhere I wanted to go. 

Down below there are some free flowing springs that never run dry. 

There's also plenty of sandy banks that the buffalo like to scratch their backs on. 

And of course, a Wyoming state forest. 

Tough to beat a Sunday afternoon walk in the park. The weather was ideal. One never knows what tomorrow might bring so you better take advantage of today. It's days like today that make up for the the long cold winters. On to the next one...


  1. Morning Padre. How do you like your new rigging position on your saddle? Is it working out how you figured?
    Dave from Colorado

    1. Yes, the new rigging position works good on Mollie. I Change it back for Chief. Now we’ve now got options. Thanks for checking. fb


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