Friday, June 23, 2023

Mom's Garden

I've never known Mom not to have a garden. She loves it and we love the produce. But gardens take work. Mom works at the growing and Dad and I keep things maintained. 

We set this garden plot up 20 years ago when Mom and Dad moved out to Grandma and Grandpa's place. It's tough to grow things on the hill with the wind and the rocks, but Mom makes do. 

The winter was tough on it and the fence just needed rebuilt. 

So Dad and I took some panels from Grandpa's corrals and fit them for the fence.

Should be high enough to keep most critters out. It's kind of fun to see Grandpa's old paint still hanging on.

Mom starts a lot of produce in her greenhouse. That's another component of gardening that Dad and I get to maintain.

But it's all worth it. These raised beds were made from some old feed bunks out back. Beats working on your hands and knees.

Mom started these tomatoes from seed. 

I can't wait till these cucumbers are ready.

Happy days.

All are welcome in Mom's garden, as long as you're in a good mood. Gardening is a labor of love to the finest degree. If not, they don't exist. Dirt is good for the soul. Not only do seeds germinate in the soil, but so do ideas. The dirtier your hands get the clearer your mind becomes. Guess that's just the way God intended it. Keep on gardening in a free world, Mom. Your boys appreciate it. 

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