Friday, May 19, 2023

Dave, Bob, and I

Dave's father-in-law Bob has been wanting to get a tour of the country where our cattle graze. With his time around Gillette winding down, today looked to be the day.

This South Dakota native likes to see new land. Dave's taken him all around Campbell County. Now Bob can say he's been deep into the Black Hills of Wyoming.  

While the boys traveled in style, I got some miles on the brumbies.

Bob held Mollie while I went in search of the critters. 

Sitting in the shade. They seem to be loving life.

Whitey seems to be filling out too. We then took a loop around the rest of the pasture before loading up and heading out.

After a burger and a beer at Devil's tower we headed for home. As always, Chief was glad to get the saddle off his back.

Thanks partner. You're always welcome around this ranch.


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