Monday, April 10, 2023


Now that she’s warming up outside, it’s time to be ready to cool things down. First order of business is cleaning up the YETI 45. 

For the past three years this ice box bomb shell has kept many a Coors Light cold. 

She has required no maintenance over the years, but a little spring scrubbing was still in order. 

Let’s ranch. 

 Drinking responsibly is a virtue, and a virtue lies between two extremes. On one end of that spectrum is that alcohol is evil. But Jesus came eating and drinking (Mt. 11:19) and even his first miracle was turning water into wine (Jn. 2:1-10). On the other end of the spectrum is getting drunk. Getting drunk is a grave sin because it weakens our will and allows us to do actions that we normally wouldn't do when disposed with the use of right reason. In the middle lies the virtue of temperance, which governs all our passions, including our thirst. For more information see the Catechism of the Catholic Church #2290. 

All this being said, Catholic Cowboys don't have to drink alcohol. But if we do, we choose to never get drunk or even get close to it. We also don't break the legal norms for alcohol, such as drinking and driving or driving under the influence. 

Few things spell a good time like a YETI full of CLs. I smell a summer of fun coming on. God bless America. 


  1. Well . . . maybe full of something from Skull Tree, or Tensleep. . . .

  2. I can see the purple mountains already starting to appear on the cans...Dave


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