Thursday, April 6, 2023

Spring Cleaning

With the sun finally coming out to shine, it was time to get Paddy Wagon dusted off. She's always ready for work, but a little sprucing up before the spring fun was in order. 

First up was to clean out the manure and hay from last year. 

Muy bien.

The tack room was in decent shape but she needed tidied up. The foam pad with a sleeping bag set up was accomplishing the cool factor, but it wasn't allowing me to get much sleep. 

So we replaced it with an actual mattress that we can put sheets on and not have such a hard time climbing into. Solid. 

Ranch ready. 

Catholic Cowboys don't get ready, they stay ready. With spring springing, it is necessary that we be ready for whatever circumstances come our way: hauling hay, picking up cows, over night brandings... You name it, we're ready for it. 

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