Thursday, April 27, 2023

Ready to Run

If Whitehorse is going to be the last truck I own, we better take care of her. Part of that requires cosmetic upkeep. With winter far spent, it was a safe time to spruce up the bed, bumper, and sideboards. 

Weather is tough on things. The black paint tends to chips and rust, and the wood fades and drys out. 

A few passes with the belt sander on the sideboards and they were ready for fresh oil.

Of course we had to rebrand them.

Linseed oil is my preferred method of wood treatment. It penetrates well and is easy to reapply. 

Both the bed and the bumper needed work. We just took a wire wheel to them both. 

Covering up everything you don't want paint on is super important. I've learned this one the hard way. 

Primering before painting is worthwhile. Once dried, we hit everything with two coats of black.

Back in business. 

Vehicles run better when they are looking good. Whitehorse is now ready to get back on the track. I've had people question whether I can make this truck last me to my end or not. This is how I figure it: the last truck I had was a 1953 Chevrolet. When I sold it, it was 68 years old. This truck is a 2012 and is currently 11 years old. I am 43. If this truck lasts 57 more years like my last one did I'll be 100, which is the age I plan to be when I die. Simple logic. 

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