Saturday, December 24, 2022


The most tender piece of meat on any critter is the Tenderloin. Not sure what its actual function is, but it hangs out inside the ribcage and waits for the day for someone to enjoy it.

You can do much with the loin itself. I usually combine the TL into part of the T-bone steak. You can also leave it has a whole loin. Or cut it into individual steaks. 

Cutting it off the cow is not too tough. But there is not a lot of meat to work with so you want to take your time and get the whole thing. 

It's not a super fatty piece of meat. So after aging two or three weeks, there is a bit of cleaning up to do. 

Thick steaks are a common usage. I usually package them in two's or three's and give them to guys to impress their wives. 

But I went out on a limb this time to make filet mignon. This literally means tender filet, but on the menu it usually has bacon wrapped around it. Having some thick cut bacon on hand I wrapped some of these tender morsels up with simple cotton string. 


Yeah buddy. 

Looks like a Christmas delight to me. Hard to go wrong with a tenderloin. They are tasty by themselves or wrapped in bacon. They are usually tender whether off a fattened calf or an old bull. God put them there for a reason, which I'm sure in part was for us to enjoy. 

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