Sunday, December 4, 2022

Carmelite Coat

I consider myself a closet Carmelite. I love their spirituality and I'd love hole up at their monastery. But that's not currently in the cards for me. However, I do feel Holy Spirit wrapped around me when I wear my Carmelite brown coat.

Still standing pretty 26 years later. 

I received this jacket in 1996 for my Confirmation. Mom and I walked into J.C. Penny's in Worland and there she sat on a rack waiting for me. I knew my Confirmation was a significant moment in my life, but it wasn't until later that I really saw the fruit of it. I've never considered myself a self-made man; I'm nothing but a product of my environment. My grandparents continue to play a huge role in my life, even though Grandma Ruth is the only one still around. L-R: Ed Schmeltzer, Mary Jane Schmeltzer, fb with a full head of hair, Ruth Lungren, Lloyd Lungren. 

I wore my brown coat through seminary and still pull her out for special occasions these days. 

She lost a button the other day. Dad would say it's because I put on weight. I'd say it's just normal wear and tear. Nothing a zip-tie can't fix though. 

Try breaking now. 

Back in business. 

Guess you could say I'm a sentimental guy. I love it though. So many good memories in this jacket. As Catholics we place a high value on signs. This coat is a sign that points to the reality that I have been sealed with the Holy Spirit. When I wear it I'm reminded of the intimacy of the Trinity that I have been drawn into. I also feel the power of the Communion of saints, including my grandparents and our Blessed Mother, the spouse of the Holy Spirit. No sense in getting all sappy though. There's work to be done. Time to get after it!  


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