Saturday, October 8, 2022


Saturday is the perfect day for softies: soft boiled eggs. Its a family tradition around our place, and the precision that goes into getting it just right is important. If I have the time and wanting to step up my game from a bowl of oatmeal, softies are my breakfast food of choice.

It all starts with the right eggs: farm fresh. Now this is crucial, so listen up. You fill the pot with water and put the eggs in it at the same time you turn the heat on. There has been controversy over this throughout the years. But I'm here to tell you, don't wait until the water is boiling to put your eggs in. You risk the chance of them cracking because of the temperature change and the outcome becomes inconsistent. Put the eggs in at the same time of the water! 
That being said, bring the water to a rolling a boil and the second it starts to boil set your timer for 4 minutes, no more no less. Hard whites and runny yokes is what we are looking for. Once the timer rings, kill the heat and head to the sink. I grew up with Dad barking in my ear, "run cold water over them so they stop cooking." Words of wisdom. Cool them down and they're ready for the table.

The crack is crucial. No limp wrist here. Wack it! It takes technique but after 40 years of softy Saturdays, you'll learn the trick.

Then take your spoon and gently scoop out the egg from the shell.

Like so.

This is also important to the experience, dispense used egg shells in the pot you boiled in. This is the one time Mom will allow a pot or pan to be on the dinner table. Take advantage of it!


That's how it's done more or less. When I'm cooking for one I'll usually make three eggs and spit them between two pieces of toast. Salt and pepper is also a necessary ingredient. Juice and coffee as well. This might not get you till lunch, depending on what time you get up on a Saturday, but it will definitely get your day off to a good start. 

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