Thursday, October 6, 2022

Joe’s 71

I like the way Joe Ortner thinks. He was in need of a truck with a hoist for his different projects around the place. You could go new or you could choose old. Both have their perks, but you can't beat the character of the old. Good decision partner.

1971 was the year Joe graduated high school. This old beauty was for sale in South Dakota and home on the ranch is what it was looking for. 

350 with a two barrel carb doesn't get you anywhere very fast. But it will get you there.

The old boy before him sure did a good job cleaning her up. 

As far as I can tell, she is all original. 

Solid truck from front to back. 

Old wheat farmers had trucks like this that they'd bring out once a year for harvest and then put back in the shed. Looks to be the case for this ole girl. She's in pretty good shape for being 51. Good find Joe. Enjoy her. 

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