Sunday, October 30, 2022


On Saturday, October 29, Grandpa Edward Schmeltzer would have turned 100. Grandma and he have been gone for twenty years now, but we still decided to throw him a birthday party. No better way to do so than with a Mass followed by a party.

Mary Jane and Ed Schmeltzer. Mom's mom and dad. 

After Mass and brunch, all the kids and grandkids that could come spent time telling stories. That was a pretty comical hour. 

Grandpa built this barnyard. The land was part of my great-great grandfather Neiber's homestead. Grandma's dad had a feed yard for sheep down here at one time. But Grandpa started fresh when they bought the ground and set it up. I feel pretty close to them all when I work down here. 

Grandpa always liked to see men at work. He appreciated being tired at the end of a day's labor and he enjoyed watching people do their job well. Here's to you Grandpa. Thanks for your witness of faith, family, and fun.

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