Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Horsin' Around

With the horses running low on grass, we were keeping our eyes out for new pasture. Thankfully, I didn't even have to knock on any doors. Pat Hladky came to me one day and said he had about 5 acres by the Camplex that wasn't being used if I needed some. I said, I'll be out in the morning. Thanks Pat. 

I've heard of horses that you could walk up to and catch in the pasture, but I've never had one. I don't mess around with my horses. If I want to catch them, I oat them into a corral and give them no other option than to go to work. It makes it easier on us all. Anyway, Pat's place didn't have a catch pen, so we had to build one. There was a shed already there that we winched closer and then closed it in. 

Pat had some panels near by that we could use as well.

Once the shed was in place we connected it to the fence with the panels and closed the water inside it. The horses seem to dig it. 

We'll just leave the gate open and let the kids come and go. Then when its time to go to work this'll be a safe space. So they think. 

God always provides. And He usually does so through other people. I'm thankful for grass to get us through the fall. I'm also thankful to do a little winching. It'd be no fun if everything was readymade. We got to get creative and sweat a little. That's what man was made for. 

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