Friday, September 16, 2022

Chopping Corn

September is corn harvest season in the Big Horn Basin. After 20 years or so of farming, my brother Luke has this system down pat. I'd say 75% of the corn raised around Worland is chopped into silage for feeding cattle.

Dad has been lending a hand at Luke's ever since he retired in 2015. From planting to harvesting and everything in between, Dad's ready to help. 

You can hardly keep enough trucks under this self-propelled New Holland chopper. She chews corn up and spits it out. 

Once the truck is full, they run it to the pile near the feed lot. 

The packer tractor pushes it up the pile...

... and then drives back and forth on it packing it tight which preserves it for the winter. 

Looks good to me.

Corn harvest is a fun time of year. The temperature is usually pleasant and you really get to see the fruits of your labor. Corn silage is an amazing feed, you get your protein and roughage all wrapped into one. God bless the farmer.  

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