Sunday, August 21, 2022

Ranch Rodeo

Every once and a while, we'll get the call to do the opening prayer at a rodeo. Such was the case at the Ride a Horse, Feed a Cowboy ranch rodeo in Hulett. Whenever I do so, I like to make sure everyone knows it's Catholic. I think it was appreciated. And, thanks be to God, no one got hurt and we all had fun just like we asked for.

Burch provided the rough stock for this fund raising event. I always like to see their horses buck, they are kickers. 

I'd rather be in the bird's nest than behind the chutes these days. Still had to cowboy up though. Saying an important prayer in front of a crowd can be intimidating. 

Ranch bronc is it's own duck. You get to use your western saddle and grab ahold of something, like your rope, to help you keep a seat. 

Always good folks at the rodeo. John Raney found us and stole a beer.

Tough to beat a good local rodeo. It's small town America at it's finest. Gerry would like to give it a whirl, but he promised his mom no bronc riding. Better listen to mom, partner. 


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