Monday, August 1, 2022

Flat Iron

Second most tender piece of meat next to the tenderloin, flat iron steaks are gaining popularity. The steak has always been known, but because of the thick piece of gristle that runs through the middle, flat irons remained a farmer's cut. Recently, though, guys have been filleting the gristle out and making two nice steaks out of one.  

Weighing in just over a pound a piece, flat irons are a crowd pleaser. 

They come from the front shoulder blade of a cow. There is a ridge that runs down the outside of the blade and the flat iron is nestled just behind it. 

The gristle is pretty visible. I actually like the taste of it, but it does make it tougher. 

The best way to cut it out is to lay your knife right against the gristle and let it guide you.  


There are many good cuts on a cow if you're willing to hunt for them. With summer knee deep, we'll take all the steaks we can get.

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