Thursday, July 21, 2022

Riding Herd

With a little time on our hands, Gerry and I decided to go check on the cows. You'd think being in the mountains it'd be cooler. But the Belle Fourche is the lowest point in the state. Therefore, 90 degrees in this Hills is pretty common. 

The best thing for the inside of a man is the outside of a horse.

John Raney got a few round bales this year. If you can't graze all that grass you might as well bale it.

Gerry brought his fishing pole along to conquer another Wyoming river. 

Mission accomplished. 

The cows won at John's place. We never found them. We found them at Joe's though. Looking fat and happy as usual. 

The laborer deserves his wage. 

It's always good to get out of Dodge. Resets a guys perspective. All the critters look good. I'm sure the eight cows we could't find at John's are fine. We just got out cowboyed is all. Nothing a little ice-cream can't fix though. God bless America. We're on to the next one. 

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