Saturday, July 16, 2022

Hot Iron

Gerry has been spending the last two weeks up at the Kuhbacher Ranch in Montana. We topped off his fortnight with a late season branding.

If your gonna brand in mid July you better start early.

Mike got us all lined out before we split up to round up.

Gerry is old hat on this nice buckskin.

Step breaks. I'd take a horse over a dirt bike any day.

Cool country with cool old cars.

Once the 400 head was rounded up we stampeded them into the corrals. 

Then it was time to ranch. I played it safe by wrestling. 

Jason got Gerry lined out. 

No problem. 

Here's to you America. 

Special thanks to Jason and Boni for hosting our up and coming cowboy. He's well on his way. The Lord played some special cards to line us up a branding this late in the game. Super hot and super fun. Now we're on to the next one. 

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